Bascinet Wolf Ribs (Wolfrib) Fabric Aventail


only for made to measure helmets

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Are you ready to take your bohurt fighting to the next level? Introducing the Bascinet Wolf Ribs Helmet – the ultimate in protection and style.

Made with 30HGSA hardened steel, this helmet features a visor, foam padding, padded aventail for neck protection, and seven hardened steel neck protection plates. It also comes with two sets of chin straps and a fabric aventail in the color of your choice for added customization. The dome is 3mm thick at the top and 2mm thick at the bottom, and the helmet has a matte finish for an authentic look. And at only 7.3 kg, this helmet won’t weigh you down.

With superior protection and a sleek design, you can take your bohurt fighting to the next level with this amazing helmet.

The helmet includes:

  • Helmet with visor
  • Helmet foam padding
  • Padded aventail for neck protection
  • 7 hardened steel neck protection plates
  • 2 sets of chin straps
  • Fabric aventail with the color of your choice


  • Made of 30HGSA hardened steel
  • Thickness 3 mm on top and 2 mm on the bottom of the dome
  • Math finish
  • Weight 7.3 kg

Get your Bascinet wolf ribs with fabric aventail made according to your measurements today!

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Weight 7.3 kg

Made-to-measure, 58-61 cm, 55-57 cm, 58-60 cm