Bascinet Wolf Ribs (wolfrib helmet) type 2


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Bascinet type Wolf Ribs (wolfrib helmet) type 2 is a historical stylization made for full-contact medieval battles. The helmet was created on the basis of medieval engravings and miniatures of Western Europe, the end of the XIV – the beginning of the XV centuries.

The helmet includes:

  • Helmet with visor
  • Helmet padding
  • Padded aventail
  • Neck protection plates
  • Chin straps
  • Riveted chainmail


  • Made of 30HGSA steel 2.5mm
  • Mirror polished
  • Weight 7.7kg

You can be sure that the helmet is ready for full contact battles. The visor is not movable and securely riveted to the dome of the helmet.

This wolf rib helmet is the best choice for single battles. The main advantage of this model is its excellent visibility and breathing space.


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Weight 7.7 kg

58-61 cm, Made-to-measure