Anatomical Splinted Greaves



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The Anatomical Splinted Greaves – medieval leg armor that was widely used among knights in Europe from 14st.

The splints ( steel plates) are riveted inside and outside to wool and canvas base.

One of the sources for such type of armor:

Günther XXI. von Schwarzburg-Arnstadt, tomb in St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral in Frankfurt / M. Source



  • Reliable and strong wool reinforced with canvass – to hold splints tight
  • Hardened steel and titanium on your choice
  • Anatomical shape
  • Protection of your shin and feet
  • Color on your choice
  • Leather arming point from inside to be laced to your chausses
  • Easy to carry and pack in your bag.

Check the measurements required for anatomical splinted greaves on the last photo.

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Hardened steel, Titanium