Basic Brigandine “Wimbledon” [1+1=3]

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Only one week – order 2 brigantines and get the third brigantine completely free!

Each of them would be done as made-to-measure.

The Basic Brigandine “Wimbledon” – affordable and reliable body protection for your first set of armor.


  • Large back plate for extra safety
  • Foam padding on the back
  • Elongated design to protect your hip joints
  • Adjustable in front and in shoulders zone.
  • Any color according to your preferences

Check the chart in picture to take right measurements with your padding on.


Basic Brigandine “Wimbledon”. Seven Historical-ish Facts.

  1. Can be found on medieval artworks as a part of knights’, kings’ or saints’ armor . Saint Michael wear it while hunting the Dragon on some armor illustrations.
  2. Was known as “brigantine” in Germany, “brigandine” in England and “corazzina” in Italy.
  3. For some kind of nerds: in Italian “briga” means “bother” or “trouble, in Portugese – “fight”, in Croatian – “care”. And “corazzina” probably came from Italian “corazon” which means “heart”. 
  4. The armor became very popular in Eastern Europe first, especially in Hungary, towards the end of the 13th century.
  5. The name of the armor is often confused with the “brigantine”, a swift small sea vessel.
  6. It is used for the full contact fight because of the thick wool coat and large metal plates of which it’s made.
  7. The brigantine is known as a prototype of a modern bulletproof vest.