3-Plate greaves with hinges


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Introducing the ultimate defense for your lower legs – the anatomical 3-Plate Greaves with Hinges. Crafted with the battlefield in mind, these greaves are your ticket to unparalleled mobility and protection in full-contact battles.

Unleash your agility and conquer the arena with these greaves. Unlike traditional models of 3 segmented greaves, these feature sturdy steel hinges that connect the plates, ensuring even impact distribution and durability that stands up to the fiercest combat.


  • Material – Hardened spring steel
  • Thickness – 1.2 mm for the front panel and 1 mm for the side panel
  • Weight of the pair in XL size 2780 g (6.1 lbs)
  • Leather straps for the size adjustment
  • Every set is made to measure

Engineered to align seamlessly with Western European armor kits, these greaves are your steadfast companions in buhurts and 1vs1 tournaments alike. Made from hardened spring steel, with a front panel measuring 1.2 mm thick and side panels at 1 mm, these greaves boast remarkable resilience without compromising mobility.

Tired of ill-fitting armor? Our greaves come with leather straps for a customizable fit, ensuring comfort during every intense clash. In an XL size, the pair weighs a mere 2780 g (6.1 lbs), offering substantial protection without weighing you down.

Invest in confidence and control on the battlefield. We make each pair according to your measurements, guaranteeing an impeccable fit.


Elevate your armored combat experience with the unmatched performance of these 3-Plate Greaves with Hinges. Your victory begins here.

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