Collar with hidden plates for medieval combat


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The collar with hidden plates provides bohurt fighters with the ultimate protection.

Crafted from durable wool and canvass, this made-to-measure collar offers excellent coverage and comfort. High-quality 1mm plates inside provide superior protection for the shoulders, throat, and other vulnerable points. The collar is also available in your choice of colors to match your style and armor. With the Collar with hidden plates, you can fight with confidence knowing you have the best protection.

This collar for medieval combat is available in hardened steel or titanium – the best thing to protect the most vulnerable zones of your body during full-contact battles.


  • Durable wool and canvass cover
  • Includes the set of plates to protect your shoulders
  • Includes the set of plates to protect your throat
  • Made-to-measure


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Titanium L, Hardened steel, Titanium