German Bascinet Clapvisor of Nuremberg


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German bascinet Clapvisor of Nuremberg.

Similar helmets are stored in the “Museum of German History” in Berlin and German National Museum in Nuremberg.

This helmet would fit armor kits for Western Europe, Germany 1350-1370.

The visor is openable fixed with lace and a buckle and 2 leather laces that attached to the aventail. The main difference of the visor of this helmet is amount of holes for breathing – we made more of them to optimize the helmet for armored combat battles.


  • Hardened steel 30HGSA
  • Thickness 2.5 mm
  • Hidden face protection
  • Padded liner with padded aventail
  • Chin stropes
  • Riveted chainmail
  • Openable visor
  • 3 neck protection plates

The German Bascinet Clapvisor of Nuremberg is reliable helmet designed for armored combat battles.

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Weight 7.1 kg

Made-to-measure, 58-61 cm