Anatomical 15th century sabatons


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Conquer the Arena with Titanium Grace: Anatomical 15th Century Sabatons

Dominate the battlefield with the Anatomical 15th Century Sabatons, the ultimate foot protection for discerning armored combat warriors.

Crafted from high-tech titanium (OT4), these sabatons are lightweight (only 600g!) yet incredibly strong, offering unparalleled protection and mobility. Hardened steel 65G is also available for those who prefer a more traditional feel.

Here’s what makes them champions:

  • League-Approved Badassery: These sabatons are designed to meet the latest league rules, ensuring you can focus on fighting, not worrying about equipment violations.
  • Move Like a Panther: Seven articulated segments provide exceptional flexibility for lightning-fast footwork and agile maneuvers.
  • Shock Absorption Power: An additional internal padding layer absorbs impact, protecting your feet from the harshest blows.
  • Custom Fit for Your Feet: Made-to-measure, these sabatons seamlessly integrate with your combat shoes for a perfect, comfortable fit.
  • Secure Attachment: Three sets of holes in each sabaton ensure a rock-solid connection to your footwear, preventing any unwanted slippage during battle.

Step up your armored combat game with the Anatomical 15th Century Sabatons. Whether you choose the futuristic feel of titanium or the classic strength of steel, these sabatons will keep you protected and looking fierce on the battlefield.

Order yours today and experience the difference of superior foot protection!

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