Oval shield for bohurt


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The oval shield is well for buhurts and 1 on 1 fights. It is made of two layers of bent plywood, which allows it to better cover and protect your hand. It is long enough that you do not have to wear a steel vambrace. Shield has a small mass and, together with its shape, this gives you a significant advantage.


  • Size 63×37 cm
  • Weight: 1730 g

With such equipment, it will be comfortable for:

  • move faster on the battlefield
  • make less effort to strike the edge of the shield
  • punch with the shield faster than usual due to its low mass
  • successfully parry the hits

Perfect for mobile combat, when you need to move a lot and actively fight. Suitable for fighters who just want to reduce the total weight of armor, and not lose protection.

It can be used in tournaments. It weighs little and allows you to fast react to an opponent’s strikes.

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Weight 1.73 kg
Dimensions 63 × 37 cm