Long soft sword (Tyanbar)


Sword for training medieval combat or tournaments with soft armor. Perfect for frequent use with long service life.

Available as made-to-measure



Please note the price is only in case of adding these swords to other orders.

We create our equipment taking into account the features of the sport and it convenient to use. The sword made of plastic tube which is covered from the outside with a soft base. Hits with weapon will be felt and you will be able to imitate fighting in armor, but this is safe with the use of soft protection. Outside, the training sword has a cloth cover, and with it weapon will wear less from hits. By the size tyanbar repeats tournament one-handed sword or long falchion. With such soft sword, you can train single battles, including professional ones, in close conditions to medieval combat. We covered the handle with a plaster, and below we added a small imitation of an pommel. So it will be more convenient for you to hold the sword in your hand, it will not slip out and you will feel it better.

Our soft armor is made so that in the design of soft and steel armor there were no significant differences, except for their weight. Equipment allows you to fight in the closest possible conditions to battles in armor and imitate it in training.