Starter armor kit for medieval combat full armor bundle



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Meet the Starter armor kit for medieval combat.

You can choose one of 4 bundles for this set. All items are buhurt – ready, made in hardened spring steel according to technical requirements of armored combat leagues.

Legs supplied with light closed greaves that would protect you against most tricky strikes.

Helmet supplied with padding, leather stripes and chainmail – ready to battle.

The brigantine could be done in single or two colors according to your choice.

All items would be done according to your measurements – the charts will get to your email after you placed the order.

Features of the packs:

1. Starter

Bonus: Free shipping

2. Basic

Free C-belt
Free shipping

3. Advanced

Free C-belt
Free shipping

4. Ultimate

  • Hardened steel floating arms set
  • Hardened steel floating legs set with closed greaves
  • Hardened steel gauntlets
  • Hardened steel brigantine type Wimbledon’s (colors on your choice)
  • Hardened steel Nasal Bacinet helmet

Free C-belt
Free neck protection plates
Free express shipping
Free helmet choice (nasal, with cross or wolfrib).


Get your Starter armor kit for medieval combat today – do not waste your time on other options.

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Starter, Basic, Advanced, Ultimate