Advanced Visby Brigandine with hips protection


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We made this Advanced Visby Brigandine with hips protection specially for armored combat battles.

The main feature here is removable hips protection (skirt) that makes this brigantine both historical and battle optimized.


  • Large plates that absorbs maximal damage
  • Perfect fit – each brigandine is made-to-measure
  • Hight quality wool – with color on your choice
  • Removable hips protection
  • Back plates with anti-shock foam layer
  • Plates on collarbones – better protection and same mobility
  • Arming points to attach pauldtrons right on brigandine

Advanced Visby Brigandine body protection is made of steel or titanium plates on woolen base.

Widely used during XIII-XIV centuries as knight’s armour, and in the XV century – by infantry.
The Visby Brigandine based on historical prototype which was found during the excavation of Visby battle 1361.

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Hardened steel, Titanium