Corazzina 5 parts Brigantine for Medieval Combat


(max file size 1 GB)



The 5 parts Brigantine – Corazzina – affordable and adjustable body protection for your set of armor.


  • Large plates for extra safety
  • Foam padding on the back for shock absorption
  • Elongated design to protect your hip joints
  • Adjustable in front, in shoulders zone and sides
  • Steel plates for collarbone protection
  • Any color according to your preferences
  • Easy to store and adjust according to your body shape

Material: Hardened spring steel 65G

Weight: Depends on your size. For fighter 187 cm and 95 kg – 9.4 kg.


  • Chest 1 mm
  • Front part 0.8 mm
  • Top of the back 1.2 mm
  • Back part 1 mm
  • Sides 1 mm

Each Corazzina 5 parts Brigantine would be done as made-to-measure.

Check the chart in picture to take right measurements with your padding on.


Additional information

Weight 9.4 kg