Floating arms set for armoured combat


Simple, reliable and time-tested model that will suit any fighter for both single and massive battles.


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The floating arms set is basic protection for your arms.

It protects well and is suitable for massive buhurts, but at the same time it has an optimal weight and can be used in single battles.

The floating arms set consist of:

  • steel bracer
  • steel elbow
  • segmental shoulder with cup

Steel bracer completely covers your hand and protects you well from any side. For fastening we use two leather straps. This makes it more reliable protection.

Bracers have armpoints to tie them to the elbows. So you will not have a gap in the protection of the hand.

Sharp elbow pads, with a side petal we made of hardened steel. This is a basic and convenient protection for your elbows. The lightweight and simple design of the model provides perfect mobility, and the acute shape of the armor will allow hits to slip down and lose strength, causing less damage. The elbow pads can be hang with armpoints to the gambesone and fasten a leather strap around your arm. So you will not have a gap in the armor, and the protection of the elbow will not slip during the battle.

For this segmental shoulders emphasis is done on convenience and mobility in fight, but not to the detriment of safety. Armor consist of four segments and a shoulder pad. This design completely covers your biceps and shoulder from strikes in combat. The plates are fastened together with the help of 3 leather straps, which gives them excellent mobility. So the shoulder can easily adjust to the movements of your arm, without making you more vulnerable. The last segment is made with a cutout for the elbow pad so that you do not have a gap in the armor between the shoulder and elbow when you bend the arm.

The shoulder pad is a solid steel cup that completely covers the shoulder joint. We deliberately make it bigger to get rid of the gap between the shoulder and the body protection, which may appear when you fight in a buhurt.

The floating arms set allows you to use a wide range of movements, while providing sufficient protection. Good choice for beginners and experienced fighters.

Measurements required:

A – your weight in kg

B – your height in cm

Please take in your regular padding in cm.

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