Titanium ultralight sabatons for medieval battles


The sabatons that will fit any feet.
The weight is only 580g or 1.26 lb!

Special padding and laces included.
Before the shipping will be additionally adjusted for your size.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee(c)

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The updated edition of ultralight sabatons – pointier and lighter.

Made-to-measure. Please note your shoe size in the order comments.

Titanium foot protection for medieval combat. This product is the bestseller in our store and one of the most frequently ordered goods.

Usually, fighters think about buying sabatons only after they have injured their feet in a fight. And this happens both in buhurts and in a 1-in-1 tournament. The opponent’s sword may hit too low, someone accidentally steps on or fall on your foot, or will miss and hit you in the restricted area of ​​the foot – these are absolutely real options. And no one is immune from this. Therefore, we offer you to protect your foot now.

Our sabatons are made of titanium – durable and lightweight material. The weight of the pair is only 560 g! This is a big plus, considering that the total weight of the armor is 30+ kg, and you do not want to make it heavier. In this case, titanium is not inferior to steel in reliability and durability, so the armor will protect your foot well. Also, sabatons have other useful benefits. With them, you can beat your foot, do sweeps, and do other dangerous things without fear of breaking your fingers in a fight.

Our model is ultra-light and mobile. It is reliable and suits well on any shoe.

Order your ultralight sabatons and feel confident in battle.

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Weight 0.58 kg

Made-to-measure, 42-43 EU, 45-46 EU