Eastern Gauntlets Dragon Scale


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Eastern Gauntlets Dragon Scale – the reliable hand protection for eastern armor kits.

Designed based on armor elements of Mongolian kits for the 13 – beginning of 15 centuries.


  • Reliable gauntlets with imitation of fingers
  • Extra mobile wrist with hidden protective plates
  • Closed protected all around thumb
  • Padded mitten with leather palm
  • Riveted chainmail cuff


  • Hardened steel 2500 g/ pair
  • Titanium 1900 g/ pair

Eastern Gauntlets Dragon Scale – to keep your eastern kit reliable and suitable modern rules.


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Hand Armor FAQ

A, B and F – are measurements for the gauntlets required to make them or find out the right size.

Gather your tools:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Flexible measuring tape
Hand measurements for the gauntlets FAQ 1

Step 1: Trace your handprint:

Lay your hand flat, fingers relaxed. Carefully outline your entire hand, including fingertips and wrist.

Hand measurements FAQ 2

Step 2: Palm length:

Grab the measuring tape and measure the straight line from your middle finger’s tip to your palm’s base at the wrist. This is your palm length (A).

Step 3: Knuckle width:

Using the outline you drew on the paper in step 1, measure the straight-line distance across the knuckles (B).

Hand measurements FAQ 3

Step 4: Palm circumference:

Keep your fingers relaxed and together. Wrap the tape snugly around your knuckles This is your palm circumference (F).

Hand measurements FAQ 4

Pro tips for perfect sizing:

  • Dominant hand: If one hand is larger, mark it for specific size checks.
  • Size up: When between sizes, opt for slightly larger measurements for the gauntlets
Hand measurements FAQ 5

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Hardened steel, Titanium