Hardened mittens with closed thumb – blackened


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  • 30HGSA Hardened steel.
  • Weight 4 3/4 pounds or 2.160 kg
  • Soft mittens included.
  • Blackened.

Steel protection for your hand. These gloves are historical stylization, developed on the basis of separately existing elements of medieval analogs. Created to protect your hand from any strike force with both one-handed and two-handed weapons.

A hand is one of the most vulnerable places to hit in a medieval battle.
That is why it must be protected from all sides. This plate glove is an excellent solution to this problem. It is are made of hardened steel and taking into account the features of the medieval combat. Fingers are covered by two plates with overlap. This will give them good mobility in combat and keep hand protected. The thumb is protected by a separate full metal cap, which repeats its shape and will withstand a direct hit with a polearm. Stiffeners are placed on the knuckles, which overlap the plates and fasten them. So you can strike hard with your fist, and do not be afraid that you break your hand. Steel cuff closes the gap between your bracer and glove, no matter how you turn the brush.

We managed to combine good mobility in this model together with protection that will not fail. The result was a universal and nice looking protection for hand. With this glove it is convenient to strike with one-handed and two-handed weapons, and it is suitable for both buhurts and single-player battles.

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