Steel thigh + poleyns


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Steel protection for your legs. This model has passed the test of time and battle. It was used by hundreds of fighters for all time and on and at various championships IMCF/HMB. The leg protection is very simple, but reliable and cheap. It will suit any fighter, used by both beginners and experienced sportsman.

Due to the fact that the thigh is solid, it perfectly protects your leg, because it is very difficult to break a solid piece of steel. The side segments are attached to the thigh, which will cover your leg from the left and right hits. Protection fastened with armpoints and a leather strap that fastens around your leg. So the steel thigh will sit comfortably.

A large poleyns will protect your knees well. We added a plate to it from below. So you will not have a gap in the armor between the shin and knee, even when you running or getting your leg high. Poleyn placed over the greave and steel thigh, forming an overlap. So it can even better take a strike. To the steel thigh, poleyn is fastened with a leather band and a strap around the leg. Due to this, it will always be on place, not crawling in battle and not interfering.

This model was once made for the fighters of the Ayna Bera club. We needed universal protection for tournaments 1 on 1 and for mass battles. It should be simple, reliable and durable. These steel legs are perfect for us. For many years, they have been used by world-class fighters, winners of the BotN and World Championships of the IMCF. A simple solution to a complex problem.

So order and use.