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Looking for reliable and sturdy leg protection for armored combat? Look no further than our Brigandine leg protection! This set includes both thighs and knee protection. You can feel secure in the knowledge that you are completely covered.

The knees are laced to the thighs using leather laces, making them easy to remove and maintain. The brigandine hips are made up of metal plates that are attached from the inside of the wool+canwass base. You can choose the color of the wool base to match it to your style.

But the real star of this kit are the 5 segmented poleyns. Made of hardened spring steel with 1.5 mm thickness of the main segment and 1 mm of additional segments, these poleyns are large enough to keep you safe against even the toughest side strikes. With a total weight of 2660 g (5.9 lbs), you won’t even notice them when you’re in the heat of battle.

The kit includes:

Weighing in at 3200g/2200 g (7 lbs/4.85 lbs – hardened steel/titanium), this Brigandine leg protection is the perfect choice for any serious fighter who demands nothing but the best.


  • The thickness of the plates on the thighs is 1 mm
  • The thickness of the poleyns is 1.5 mm for the main segments and 1 mm for additional segments
  • Weight of the poleyns: 2660 g (5.9 lbs)
  • Weight of the thighs: 3200g/2200 g (7 lbs/4.85 lbs) for hardened steel/titanium material.

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