Splinted legs protection for armored combat


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Introducing a new style of leg protection for armored combat – the splinted legs protection. A popular choice for European armor enthusiasts, this type of leg protection is inspired by the XIV-XVI centuries armor style.

Featuring thigh protection (tassets), segmented poleyns (knee protection), and greaves, this leg protection provides complete coverage and protection.

The legs protection includes:

Made with overlapping metal plates, these legs protection reduces the impact of hard hits and ensures maximum safety during battles.

The greaves are designed to protect the ankle from behind and cover the sides of your feet, providing full protection for your lower limbs.

The cover is made from durable wool and canvas, ensuring the Splinted legs protection will withstand the most brutal battles. Each rivet is supplied with a leather washer, providing a secure fit and long-lasting durability.

Invest in the new legs protection for your next armored combat battle and experience ultimate confidence and protection on the battlefield.



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Hardened steel, Titanium