Steel greaves


Steel armor for your shin. Simple and durable, it will protect you in fight.

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The front part is made solid and able to withstand the hit of both one-handed and two-handed weapons. Two side segments will cover you from the left and right strikes and cover your calf muscle. This is especially important in tournaments 1 vs 1, when in motion you need to stay protected from side hits to shin. Greaves are fastened around the legs by two leather straps. So they are in the right place and doesn’t slip down when you running. Also, the shin’s protection can be tied to the quilted stockings using armpoint. Below we added a leather band, to keep your greaves comfortable and they do not interfere you during movement.

The result is a simple, but reliable and convenient for running model. That it what you are needed for your legs to stay mobile and protected on the battlefield.