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Meet Advanced full legs protection for buhurt

The stylization of medieval full legs protection (Advanced full legs protection) made especially for sport usage.

The set of this full legs protection consist of:

  • Hips with segmented knees and semi greave.
  • 3/4 greaves or full greaves.
  • Made of hardened spring steel (1mm hips and 1.5mm knees).

The cuisse is a piece of medieval knight’s armor that was placed on the thigh to protect it.

Chain mail and thigh shields protected the thighs only from top-down shocks, leaving them vulnerable to bottom-up shocks. Full-legged cuisses were deprived of this disadvantage. Due to the fact that the victory on the battlefield often depended not only on the personal skills of the fighter, or the strategic skills of the commander, but first of all on the quality of the protective armor and weapons, the medieval armorers were continuously looking for the optimal protective gear.

History and evolution

Before spreading of plate armor, the thighs were protected with quilted pads, similar to gambesons, worn over chainmail stockings.

Throughout the XIVth century knights were more often wearing more plate protection. The leg armor also goes through evolution. The heritage of the XIIIth century – chainmail stocking combined with the quilted padding had been dismissed. From 1300th appeared the closed greaves made of plates. Famous weaponologist Ewart Oakeshott in his book “Knight and his armor” gives a lot of examples of such part of the protective armor of 1320th.

Armorers of the XIVth century experiment by the combination of the quilted cuisse, one-piece forged knee-caps, and greaves, using the new tendencies and familiar chainmail. The thigh was often protected by the brigant method. This technical direction had reached its peak in the leg protection, where the cuisse covered the knee joint. On the miniature from the Roman d’Alexandre, around 1340 knights wearing such protection can be seen. But, for a long time, there were the leg armor without metal on the thigh used.

Early samples of plate cuisses from the XIV century were a solid curved steel plate. Then they began to be made of several flexibly articulated steel strips. The plates could cover the circumference, also providing protection from the back, but more often it covered only the front of the leg.

The greaves or jambeaus arose primarily as the protection against the blows of a swords to the shin, not covered by a shield. Leather and metal leggings are mentioned by Homer in his Iliad and Odysey. Bronze greaves of the XIII century BC were found in the necropolis of Dendr. Such type of protective armor spreaded in the Bronze Age throughout the Mediterranean, Italy and Central Europe. The example of such graves can be seen in the Bible, where the giant Goliath was dressed in copper protection of the legs. Around the VII century BC in the Balkans, ancient knemids, or knemis were formed from this early greave form, covering the warrior’s knee and shin.

In medieval Europe, the legs of warriors were protected first by windings, and later – by the long chain mail shirt. In the XII century chain mail stockings were invented to cover the entire leg from waist to toe. At the end of that century there were made additional protective parts – leather, and later metal knee pads and greaves.

In the East at this time there were similar means of protection of feet which details were connected among themselves not by hinges, as in Europe, but by chainmail rings.

Closer to the XVth century appeared the more anatomical leg armor. Cuisses and greaves become more leg-shaped, copying the muscle outlines, and sometimes even hypertrophies shapes to nicer look. Greaves, cuisses, and knee-cap became accurately shaped to fit the shape of the body.

In the XV century. in Muslim countries, chain mail-plate thighs combined with round sheet knee pads and buturluks — greaves made of a large plate and several smaller plates connected with chain mail were common.

Best choice for fighters to enjoy the sport.

Cuisses are based on the cuisses from Churburg. The main idea of this advanced full leg protection is to protect thighs, shins and most importantly the knee – the most weak spot and headache for most fighters.


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Hardened steel, Blackened hardened steel, Titanium


No greaves, 3/4 greaves, full greaves