Basic floating legs


Hardened hips, knees and greaves.

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Introducing our basic floating legs – hardened steel leg protection for armored combat. This model is one of the most universal, tested, and trusted by fighters worldwide. In fact, leg protection may seem simple but is highly reliable and affordable.

It has been used by hundreds of fighters in various championships in the IMCF and HMB leagues, including the Battle of the Nations and IMCF World Championships.


  • Hardened spring steel 65 G
  • The tight thickness of 1 mm (1.2 mm by request)
  • Knee thickness of 1.5 mm
  • Greave thickness of 1 mm
  • Weight of set 7560 g (16.6 lbs) – for XL size with closed greaves

The basic floating legs consist:

The solid thighs provide optimal protection, as it is a challenge to break a solid piece of hardened steel. The side segments are attached to the thighs, providing coverage from side strikes. You can attach the legs to your belt using the wide strap with holes. The 3 leather straps help to keep a comfortable and secure fit.

Large poleyns offer excellent knee protection, with an added plate to prevent gaps in armor between the shin and knee. Poleyns overlap with the greave and steel thigh, providing added protection from strikes.

The size of the poleyns allows using additional protection under it – like knee pads or medical braces.

The solid front of the greave can withstand hits from both one-handed and two-handed weapons. Two side segments provide coverage from various strikes, protecting the calf muscle. You can fasten the greaves around the legs with two leather straps, keeping it securely in place. Finally – a leather band below the shin’s protection ensures comfort and prevents interference during movement.

We created this model for fighters who needed universal protection for tournaments 1 on 1 and mass battles. It is a simple, reliable, and durable solution, perfect for world-class fighters and winners of the BotN and World Championships of the IMCF. Invest in our basic floating legs for optimum protection during your next armored combat battle.


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Weight 7.5 kg

3/4 greaves, Closed Greaves