Pavise shield trapezoidal


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The pavise shield trapezoidal is a formidable shield that provides excellent defense in battle. Its length is one of its greatest assets. It allows you to keep your opponent at bay by striking with the edge of the shield. With its weight and shape, you can deliver heavy and efficient punches, keeping your opponent on the defensive.


  • Size: 63×39 cm
  • Weight: 1710 g
  • Punch edge width 15 cm
  • Distance from straps to the edge 18 cm

Crafted from bent plywood, this shield is sturdy and can withstand multiple hits. The outer layer of cloth adds to its durability, while the leather edging provides a sleek and professional finish. The leather also makes your shield even more durable.

This combination of materials creates a shield that not only provides ample protection but also has a historical appearance that is both aesthetically pleasing and intimidating to your opponent.

Whether you’re a seasoned fighter looking to improve your defense or a novice seeking more confident protection, this Pavise shield trapezoidal is a perfect choice. Its design is based on historical analogs, ensuring that it is not only functional but also authentic.

Face your opponents with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable defense at your disposal.

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Weight 2.25 kg
Dimensions 63 × 40 cm

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