Pavise shield trapezoidal


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The pavise shield (pavise shield trapezoidal), is perfect for buhurts.


  • Size: 63×39 cm
  • Weight: 1710 g
  • Punch edge width 15 cm
  • Distance from straps to the edge 18 cm

It has a cavity for your hand, which allows him to better bend around and protect it. The shield is strong and will be able to withstand many hits. All this together makes it excellent for your protection in a serious fight.

The advantage of its length is that you can keep your opponent at a distance by punching with the edge of the shield, and its mass and shape will allow you to do it strongly and efficiently. We made a shield from bent plywood, pasted it on the outside with cloth, and edged it with leather.

Pavise shield trapezoidal has a nice, pleasant look, and the form has historical analogs.

Perfect for a fighter who has to take a lot of strikes or defend himself against fighters with two-handed weapons. Suitable for those who want to be more confident in protection.

Additional information

Weight 2.25 kg
Dimensions 63 × 40 cm