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The stainless steel buckler is the perfect choice for armored combat fighters.

Its 35 cm / 13 3/4 inch diameter and 1855 g / 4 lbs weight make it ideal for blocking and parrying attacks. Its rust-proof construction ensures that it will last for years, while its wooden plate and leather strap provide extra stability and grip for secure handling. The inner part of the edge contains steel wire to make the buckler even more durable.


  • Diameter 35 cm/ 13 3/4 inch
  • Weight 1855 g / 4 lbs
  • Edge thickness 10 mm / 0.4 inch

The high handle base is designed to fit plate mittens and the leather strap prevents buckler rotation.

No matter what type of fight you’re in, the stainless steel buckler will keep you protected.

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Weight 1.855 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 cm