Large hardened steel shoulders


Steel bugurt optimal shoulder pads that protect the shoulders, shoulder blades and collarbone.



Our task was to make a reliable shoulder protection for mass battles, which will cover it from all sides attacks and at the same time will not interfere with movement. The main problem is the protection of the shoulder blade: in the buhurth, when you move your hand between the body and the shoulder pad, a gap opens that is not protected by armor. This is an extremely vulnerable place, especially for halberds and other two-handed weapons. Therefore, we offer you this protection option.

Shoulders are made of several semicircular segments that lie on top of each other with overlap and follow the shape of the shoulder. So they can easily withstand a strong hit and protect you. We intentionally increased the segments to close the gap in the armor between the hull and shoulder. The gap will not appear, no matter how you will move your arm. At the same time, we took care about mobility in battle. The plates of the shoulder are connected in such a way that they keep mobility of a hand. It will be convenient for you to fight in them – the model will fit your arm, cover it from all sides.

This is a good option for those who want to be protected and at the same time moves a lot in battle.

Order and feel confident.