Bracers “Sakhnovka” + elbow pads (east)


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If you are participating in medieval combat, and reconstructing the East or Rus, then we want to offer you such model.

Bracers are created on the basis of finds from the grave and treasury of Central Ukraine, Sakhnovka, in the style of “boats”. Due to the anatomical shape they fits well on the arm and fixed with two straps. They completely cover your forearm and partially give extra protection to the elbow. We painted the bracers from the inside so that the metal does not rust, and on the edge made a rolling, for greater convenience of use. We also add semicircular elbow pads for better protection. They do not interfere with bending and unbending your arm in a fight, and completely cover your elbow.

Simple and reliable hand protection. In this model it is convenient to fight – it does not limit your movements and gives good protection.


See required measurements on the last picture.

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Hardened steel blackened, Hardened steel, Titanium