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Protect your arms with our Bracers Bazubands + Elbow Pads. These anatomically-shaped bracers fit perfectly on your arm. The parts are secured with two sturdy straps, ensuring that they stay in place during even the most intense battles.

Crafted from top-quality 1 mm hardened spring steel, these bracers provide complete coverage of your forearm while also offering extra protection to your elbow. To ensure durability, we’ve painted the bracers from the inside to prevent rust and added a rolling edge for greater convenience during use.

But that’s not all – we also include semicircular elbow pads. They are connected to the bracers for even better protection. Despite their added protection, these elbow pads don’t interfere with your arm movements and allow for full flexibility in battle.

At the end of the day, our bazubands with elbows offer simple and reliable hand protection. It won’t limit your movements. Whether you’re a veteran or just starting, these bracers are a must-have for any warrior looking to dominate the battlefield using the eastern kits. So don’t wait – invest in our Bracers Bazubands + Elbow Pads today and take your fighting game to the next level!

Arms Protection FAQ

General Recommendations for Measurements for Arms Armor:

Clothing: Measurements should be taken wearing the gambeson you intend to wear with the armor. Sweaters or jackets will not accurately reflect the thickness of the gambeson and could lead to ill-fitting armor.

Bare Arms: If you are ordering both arms and padding together, measuring your bare arms is acceptable. However, please clearly indicate on the measurement sheet that the measurements are for bare arms.

Measurements: Take all measurements with a flexible measuring tape, snug but not tight.

Additional Notes:

  • If your gambeson has any unusual features that might affect the fit of the armor, please describe them in the notes section.
  • For best results, have someone else take your measurements.
  • Feel free to include any other measurements you think might be helpful, such as elbow circumference.

Required measurements:

A. Weight: Measure your weight in kilograms or pounds.

B. Height: Measure your full height from head to toe.

M. Wrist Circumference: Measure above the gambeson, not on top of any leather straps.

N. Forearm Circumference: Measure the fullest part of the forearm.

V. Bicep Circumference: Measure the fullest part of the bicep, slightly flexed.

W. Forearm Length: Measure from the wrist joint to the tip of the elbow.

T. Shoulder Length: Measure from the point where the shoulder meets the neck to the tip of the elbow.

Measurements sheet for arms armor
arms measurements chart

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg

Hardened steel blackened, Hardened steel, Titanium