Shell “Dovmont” (Rus, XIV century)


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We offer you the option of armor for body protection. This model is a stylization of a medieval Russian shell, made on the basis of plates found during the excavation of the Dovmont city (one of the parts of the Pskov Kremlin).

The shell consists of two parts, which are fastened with straps on the shoulders and sides. With this design, the armor is fitted and sits well on the fighter. The armor is made of a large number of square plates knocked out, which lie one on top of the other. Due to their overlap, the force of impact is distributed over the big area, losing its strength, and the location of the plates gives the shell good mobility. It will not prevent you from moving, and you can bend or leaned without any difficulty. The armor is made of titanium, a rustproof material that is lighter than steel but not inferior in strength. This is especially important since the body protection is one of the heaviest parts of the armor, and thus the weight of the equipment can be significantly lightened. The body plates are attached with rivets on a leather base. It is stronger than cloth analogue and will last longer. Perfectly fits to a plate skirt from a set of Rus warrior armor. Together they will protect your body and pelvis from all sides.