Full splinted arms set


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As a buhurt fighter, the full splinted arms set is an absolute must-have for any serious competitor. We designed this upper limb protection for full-contact armored combat battles, providing both mobility and a high level of defense.

Crafted from durable steel or titanium strips, the splints are riveted to a wool/canvas backing for maximum comfort during use. The set includes four critical pieces of protection – vambrace, elbow protection, rerebrace, and pauldron. All are designed to work together to create a seamless barrier of defense for the upper body.

The set includes:

  • Vambrace (forearm protection)
  • Elbow protection
  • Rerebrace ( biceps protection)
  • Paldtron ( shoulder protection)

Each full splinted arms set is made-to-measure, ensuring the perfect fit for each fighter. And, with a cover made of both wool and durable canvass, you can be sure that your arms will remain well-protected during even the most intense battles.

Whether you’re a seasoned buhurt fighter or just starting, the fully splinted arms set is a great addition to your armor collection. So why wait? Order yours today and take your armored combat battles to the next level!

European splinted armor attached to a fabric base was a popular form of armor during the late medieval period. The armor consists of strips of metal (usually steel) that were riveted to a fabric base, providing both protection and flexibility to the wearer. This type of armor was commonly used by foot soldiers and was effective at stopping cutting and piercing weapons. The fabric base was often made of canvas or linen, and the metal strips were arranged in a way that allowed for ease of movement.

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