Steel segment shoulders 2


Armor for shoulder protection and for part of biceps. In this model, emphasis is done on convenience and mobility in fight, but not to the detriment of safety.



Shoulders consist of three segments and a shoulder pad. This design covers your shoulder and part of biceps from hits in combat. The plates are fastened together with the help of 3 leather straps, which gives them excellent mobility. So the shoulder can easily adjust to the movements of your arm, without making you more vulnerable. The shoulder pad is a solid steel cup that completely covers the joint. We intentionally make it bigger to get rid of the gap between the shoulder and the body protection, which may appear when you fight in a buhurt.

This model is made for armor plate protection, in which is a small steel biceps. In combination with it, steel shoulders will completely close your hand. They allow you to use a wide range of movements, while providing sufficient protection. If you need a model without the use of steel biceps – we have another option that suits you.