Oriental-style plate arms set


Convenient solution for protecting your arms.

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The set includes:

  • forearms
  • elbows
  • biceps protection

If you participate in medieval combat and recreate the warrior of East or Rus, then we want to offer you a model for protecting your arms, made in the oriental style.

For modern sports, hand protection has high demands. It must withstand hard blows, be comfortable, movable, and there shouldn’t be gaps in your armor. Most Eastern historical equivalent are not suitable for fighting in armor. Therefore, we have developed such a stylized plate hand. Bracer is made based on a lots of images by “boat” type. It completely covers your forearm and elbow, and the side rondel will protect you from hits to the inside of the elbow. To the brace we added an element that will cover your biceps and together they will not leave a gap in your defense. This model is convenient to fight – it does not limit your movements and gives good protection. Perfect in combination with the khatang-dyugel to participate in medieval combat.

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Hardened steel, Titanium