Full plate arms simple 1380-1400y


Reliable protection, made according to your measurements.


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The full plate arms simple protection. Universal option that is well suited for both single and for mass battles. Reliable and easy to use model.

The Full Plate arms consist of braces, elbow pads and steel biceps.

  • Brace is a distinct advantage of this model. It is made in the shape of a human forearm. It is suits as comfortable as possible, does not constrain movements and not interfere you to fight. And at the same time, the brace completely covers your hand and protects you well from any side. A great option for both fencing and buhurts.
  • Steel elbows have a tested pointed shape, the strike on it easily slips and cause less damage. Also, we extended the petal with an elbow so that it covers the gap in the armor with the steel biceps and protects you from hit into the inside of the arm. The elbow pad is fastened with a steel biceps and fastens on a leather strap. So you do not have a gap in the armor, they are in place and protect you.
  • Steel biceps is made solid to withtand a strong strike to the biceps. We made a cutout at bottom of the biceps, so you can easily bend your arm, which is especially important for fencing.

With such protection of your hand, you will not have gaps in the armor. In this steel arms, we managed to combine convenience, good protection and practicality.

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