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We’re proud to offer you our best-seller creation – segmented shoulders for buhurts. As experienced armored combat buhurt fighters, we know firsthand the importance of proper protection during battle. That’s why we designed these shoulders with both mobility and protection in mind.

Our shoulders consist of four segments and a shoulder pad, completely covering your biceps and shoulders from strikes in combat. We use only the highest quality materials – 1.2 mm hardened steel for the shoulder cup and 1 mm hardened steel for the biceps part. It results in a weight of 2.4 kg or 5 1/3 lbs per set. We fastened the plates together with the help of three leather straps, giving them excellent mobility.


  • Shoulder cup 1.2 mm hardened steel
  • Bicepse part 1 mm hardened steel
  • Weight 2.4 kg or 5 1/3 lbs/set

We understand the importance of mobility in combat. That’s why we’ve designed these shoulders to easily adjust to the movements of your arms, without leaving you vulnerable.

The last segment is made with a cutout for the elbow pad so that you don’t have a gap in the armor between the shoulder and elbow when you unbend the arm. The shoulder pad is a solid steel cup that completely covers the joint. We intentionally make it bigger to get rid of the gap between the shoulder and body protection. This gap may appear when fighting in a buhurt.

Our segmented shoulders for buhurts are fully functional and suitable for combat, combining well with a wide range of medieval hand protection. They allow you to use a wide range of movements while providing sufficient protection – four ideally connected plates and a cup provide coverage almost to the elbow while remaining flexible so that you’re mobile and stay protected.

Order now and experience a great level of protection and mobility in your buhurt battles.

Arms Protection FAQ

General Recommendations for Measurements for Arms Armor:

Clothing: Measurements should be taken wearing the gambeson you intend to wear with the armor. Sweaters or jackets will not accurately reflect the thickness of the gambeson and could lead to ill-fitting armor.

Bare Arms: If you are ordering both arms and padding together, measuring your bare arms is acceptable. However, please clearly indicate on the measurement sheet that the measurements are for bare arms.

Measurements: Take all measurements with a flexible measuring tape, snug but not tight.

Additional Notes:

  • If your gambeson has any unusual features that might affect the fit of the armor, please describe them in the notes section.
  • For best results, have someone else take your measurements.
  • Feel free to include any other measurements you think might be helpful, such as elbow circumference.

Required measurements:

A. Weight: Measure your weight in kilograms or pounds.

B. Height: Measure your full height from head to toe.

M. Wrist Circumference: Measure above the gambeson, not on top of any leather straps.

N. Forearm Circumference: Measure the fullest part of the forearm.

V. Bicep Circumference: Measure the fullest part of the bicep, slightly flexed.

W. Forearm Length: Measure from the wrist joint to the tip of the elbow.

T. Shoulder Length: Measure from the point where the shoulder meets the neck to the tip of the elbow.

Measurements sheet for arms armor
arms measurements chart

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Hardened steel, Titanium