Falchion for medieval combat “Storm”


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Introducing the falchion for medieval combat “Storm” – a powerful weapon designed for the adrenaline-fueled world of armored combat battles. Crafted with care and precision, this falchion is both light and robust, allowing you to wield it with ease and accuracy.

With a total weight of just 1315 g, the “Storm” falchion is a nimble tool that packs a serious punch. Its blade is 68 cm in length, providing you with an ideal reach for strikes, while the 14 cm handle offers a comfortable and secure grip, even when you’re swinging with all your might.


  • Weight 1315-1400 g
  • Full length 82 cm
  • Blade length 68 cm
  • Handle 14 cm
  • Balance point 17 cm
  • WMFC rate ~28+ points ( rated for female pro fights).

Perhaps one of the most important features of the “Storm” falchion is its ability to protect your hand from hard strikes. With a design that carefully considers the impact of battle, you can be confident that your hand will stay safe, even when you’re fighting tooth and nail to win.

Protection and perfomance

In addition to its protective features, the falchion for medieval combat “Storm” is also incredibly difficult to drop or lose in battle. Its balance point is located 17 cm from the handle, ensuring that the weapon stays secure in your grip, even when you’re in the midst of a chaotic brawl.

When it comes to performance, the “Storm” falchion is a true standout. Rated for female pro fights with a WMFC rate of over 28 points, this weapon is more than capable of delivering the kind of hard-hitting blows that you need to succeed in the world of armored combat.

So if you’re ready to take your fighting skills to the next level, consider arming yourself with the “Storm” falchion – a weapon that combines strength, speed, and protection into one sleek and powerful package.

Falchions FAQ

While we understand the appeal of a sharp blade, we strongly advise against it for several reasons. First, sharpening our swords could compromise the carefully crafted bluntness designed for safe sparring. This can increase the risk of injury not only for yourself but also for your opponent. Second, depending on your location, owning or carrying a sharpened sword might violate local laws and regulations. Therefore, we recommend sticking with our safe and legal blunted swords to enjoy armored combat without any unnecessary risks or complications.

Absolutely not! All our swords/falchions/axes and other weapons are carefully blunted and rounded according to the strictest armored combat league regulations. We prioritize your safety above all else, so you can experience the power and thrill of armored combat without worrying about accidental cuts or punctures. Remember, sharp swords are not only dangerous and prohibited in armored combat but also often restricted by local laws, so our blunted blades ensure you train and fight with confidence and peace of mind.

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