Grand Bascinet “Triumph”


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Attention, fellow warriors! If you’re looking for a helmet that can withstand the rigors of armored combat full contact battles, then look no further than the Grand Bascinet “Triumph”!

This helmet is based on the classic medieval grand-bascinet design, but with modern adaptations to make it perfect for combat. The openable visor is fixed with a strap and button, so you can be sure it won’t open in a battle. And with hidden face protection and padded liner with padded aventail, you can fight with confidence knowing that you’re fully protected.


  • Hardened steel 30HGSA
  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Hidden face protection
  • Padded liner with padded aventail
  • Chin stropes + Simon strap
  • Riveted chainmail
  • Openable visor
  • 3 neck protection plates

Crafted from hardened steel 30HGSA, this helmet is built to last, with a thickness of 3mm that will stand up to the toughest battles. It also features chin straps and a Simon strap to keep it securely in place and riveted chainmail for added protection.

But that’s not all – the Grand Bascinet “Triumph” also includes 3 neck protection plates, providing you with even more defense against blows to the neck and head.

Overall, the Grand Bascinet “Triumph” is a helmet that is sure to help you triumph on the battlefield. So why wait? Order yours today and experience the ultimate in armored combat protection!

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