Nasal Bascinet “Sentinel”

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The Nasal Bascinet “Sentinel” is a historical stylization created for medieval combat. The helmet is based on a bascinet with a nose plate. The main difference is with additional features for greater safety in modern tournaments. It protects, has an optimal weight, and is easy to navigate in battle.

Each Nasal Bascinet is ready for battle and supplied with:

  • Set of chin straps + Simon strap
  • Helmet padding with fabric aventail to protect your neck
  • Hidden face protection
  • Riveted chainmail aventail
  • Neck protection plates
  • 2 eye bars for additional eye protection.

When we created this helmet according to historical analogs, our main goal was to make medieval stylization, with allowable (and necessary) deviations from the source. The helmet has to fit the different variations of the armor and be comfortable to use in any nomination.

In this nasal bascinet, the face is protected by a grate, and the outside is covered with chain mail. So it will be comfortable to breathe, you will be less tired during the fight, and would not be afraid of frontal attacks. Mail, unlike the historical equivalent, lifted to eye level to close the grate and make the helmet safer. Due to the design of the helmet, it is well-heard, and the observation slit is made wider and closed with two jumpers and a nose plate.

This will allow you to see well in battle and at the same time remain protected, + it will be easier for you to talk with your allies and focus on the battlefield. The nose plate is fixed and will not open during the fight. So it can withstand a direct strike with a two-handed weapon. And the streamlined shape of the helmet will not allow you to be grabbed by the head and hits will be easier to slide down it, losing its power.

Universal helmet for armored combat

This bascinet is a universal helmet that is suitable for single and massive battles. This is a medium option for those who do not want to limit themselves only to buhurts or only fencing. Unlike the wolf ribs bascinet, this helmet has better protection and you can be less afraid of a weapon prick in the face.

Suitable for both beginner and experienced fighters.

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Weight 7.635 kg

Made-to-measure, 58-60 cm