ROA helmet “Legacy”


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Meet the new ROA helmet “Legacy” – The Romance of Alexander Bascinet (ROA) designed for armored combat.

These flat-style visors are called the ROA – widely used visors in multiple medieval manuscripts.

The height of eye slots is 20 mm according to the historical medieval battle regulations for these helmets.

The brass cross decoration and anatomical dome shape make the ROA helmet “Legacy” not forgettable on the battlefield.

The helmet includes:

  • Dome with securely attached visor
  • button and strap to keep the visor locked
  • Padded liner with padded aventail
  • Hardened steel plates for neck protection
  • 2 sets of chin straps
  • riveted chainmail.


  • Dome 3 mm
  • Visor 2 mm
  • Hardened 30HGSA steel
  • Steel riveted chainmail

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Made-to-measure, 58-60 cm