Wolfrib helmet “Vanguard”


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Forget Claustrophobia, Embrace Victory: Wolfrib Helmet “Vanguard”

Look, armored combat is exhilarating. But who wants a helmet that feels like a metal bucket on your head, blocking your view and making you gasp for air like a beached fish? Meet the Wolfrib Helmet “Vanguard”, the champion’s choice for unparalleled breathability and visibility.

The helmet includes:

  • Helmet with non-removable visor
  • Helmet foam padding with padded aventail for neck protection
  • hardened steel neck protection plates
  • 2 sets of chin straps + Simon strap.
  • Chainmail riveted aventail
  • Additional eyebars for extra eye protection


  • Made of 30HGSA hardened spring steel
  • Thickness 3 mm on top and 2 mm on the bottom of the dome
  • Math finish
  • Weight 8.4 kg (18.5 lbs).

This ain’t your grandpa’s restrictive bascinet. The Wolfrib is a legendary sport-optimized helmet with a reputation for being the clearest, most breathable option on the market. Here’s the deal:

  • Breathe Easy, Fight Hard: Say goodbye to overheating and hello to fresh air circulation. The Wolfrib’s design prioritizes maximum breathability, keeping you cool and focused during intense battles.
  • See Your Opponent Coming: Forget tunnel vision. The Vanguard boasts an unmatched field of view, letting you dominate the battlefield with full situational awareness. No nasty surprises here.
  • Built to Last: This helmet is crafted from 30HGSA hardened spring steel, making it as tough as you are. The top is 3 mm thick, while the bottom is 2 mm, providing the perfect balance of protection and weight.
  • Full Protection Package: The Wolfrib comes with everything you need to dominate safely. We’re talking about a helmet with a non-removable visorpadded aventailhardened steel neck plateschin straps, a Simon strap, a chainmail aventail, and even additional eyebars for extra protection.

Sure, it weighs 8.4 kg (18.5 lbs). But hey, champions carry their weight well, right?

Ditch the stuffy helmets and experience the freedom of the Wolfrib Vanguard.

Order yours today and dominate the competition in comfort and clarity!

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