Foam helmet padding


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Greetings, brave buhurt fighters! Tired of getting hit in the head during medieval combat? Look no further than the Foam Helmet Padding for armored combat!


  • Adjustable lace that allows one to regulate the size of the padding
  • 3 holes for helmet straps
  • Padded aventail for chin and neck protection
  • Fits most of the medieval helmet types

We crafted it from high-quality foam and designed this padding to reduce the impact of blows to your head and keep your brain safe from harm. The durable cotton fabric and adjustable lace are added for a comfortable and secure fit, while the padded aventail provides additional chin and neck protection.

But that’s not all! For even better impact protection, we recommend using this padding together with additional reinforcement sticky foam attached inside your helmet. This combination is the ultimate in comfort and protection, making you virtually invincible on the battlefield.

The Foam Helmet Padding is an essential piece of equipment for any serious buhurt fighter. Don’t let the fear of head injuries hold you back from giving it your all in combat. Invest in the best, fight smart, and stay safe!

Order your helmet padding today and protect your most valuable asset – your brain.

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Dimensions 24 × 24 × 20 cm