Italian Sallet with visor


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Italian Sallet with Visor – Forged for Buhurt Domination

Embrace the legacy of the Italian Sallet with Visor, reinvented for the modern buhurt warrior. This battle-ready helmet offers uncompromising protection and comfort, ensuring you stand tall and fierce in the face of any onslaught.


  • Weight 7230 g (15.9 lbs)
  • Hardened steel 30HGSA
  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Hidden face protection
  • Padded liner with padded aventail
  • Chin straps + Simon strap
  • Riveted chainmail
  • Openable visor with button and strap.
  • 3 neck protection plates

Built for Buhurt Supremacy:

  • Unmatched Durability: Crafted from toughened 3mm thick 30HGSA steel, this sallet deflects blows with unwavering strength.
  • Enhanced Eye Protection: Sturdy additional eye bars shield your vision, while a hidden chainmail veil provides discreet facial defense.
  • Superior Fit & Comfort: A padded liner and aventail cradle your head, while chin straps and a Simon strap ensure a secure, customized fit.

Dominate the Arena with Confidence:

  • Unmatched Face Protection: The strong and durable visor offers clear sight and protection throughout the heat of battle.
  • Unwavering Neck Protection: Three strategically placed neck plates guard against strikes, keeping you focused and in control.
  • Historical Inspiration: Channel the spirit of 15th-century European warriors with this authentically styled sallet.

This Italian Sallet with Visor isn’t just a helmet, it’s a statement. It’s a declaration of your dedication to the sport, your commitment to victory, and your respect for the rich history of armored combat.

Own your battlefield presence. Order your Italian Sallet with Visor today and write your legend in steel.

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