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Introducing the new style of full legs protection for both professional fighters and those who engage in duels – our Anatomical Full Legs! Designed with a love for medieval battles this set ensures maximum mobility to guarantee a victorious performance.

The set includes:

Full Range of Motion for Your Legs

We know that in a fight, every move counts. That’s why we made sure to include an extended back of the thigh protection that covers a larger area than traditional protection, giving you extra confidence. Focus solely on your strategy and don’t worry about the protection. Plus, our full knee protection will keep you agile while delivering unbeatable protection, enabling you to execute your moves without hesitation.


  • Weight: 8.85 kg (19.5 lbs) for 95 kg (210 pounds) fighter
  • Material: Hardened spring steel
  • Thigth thickness 1.2 mm
  • Main knee segment 1.5 mm
  • Outer side knee protection 1.5 mm
  • Inner side knee protection 1.2 mm
  • Additional knee segments 1 mm
  • Greaves main segment 1.2 mm
  • Greaves side segments 1 mm

We designed these 3-segmented greaves to fit your legs seamlessly, to ensure maximum comfort and a perfect fit.

Lightweight, durable, and mobile

Made with hardened spring steel, this set is lightweight and durable, weighing only 8.85 kg (19.5 lbs) for a 95 kg (210 pounds) fighter. Our cuisses with knees and three segments greaves are made with light hardened spring steel, ensuring that you can wear them comfortably for long periods of time.

We believe that you should never have to worry about shipping costs. That’s why we offer free worldwide shipping, so you can have our Anatomical Full Legs delivered right to your doorstep at no extra cost.

Get ready to take on the competition with our Anatomical Full Legs! Invest in the best protection for your legs, and experience the confidence and assurance that comes with knowing you’re prepared for anything. Don’t wait any longer, place your order today!

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