Four segments greaves


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Introducing our Four Segments Greaves: Your Advanced Leg Protection for Armored Combat!

Upgrade your leg protection with our Four Segments Greaves, a modern take on the classic three-segment design. These greaves provide superior defense for your lower legs, covering your calves comprehensively and even offering malleolus bone protection.


  • Thickness 1.5 mm for the front panels and 1 mm for the back panels
  • Weight 2.77 kg (6.1 lbs)
  • Material Hardened steel 65 G

Key Features:

Full Calf Protection: Our Four Segments Greaves wrap around your calf, leaving no area exposed to potential strikes. Feel secure in battle with this extended coverage.

Durable Connection: The plates are securely connected with robust leather straps. Plus, these straps allow for minor size adjustments, making them adaptable for different padding or weight fluctuations.

Built to Last: Crafted from hardened steel 65G, these greaves are built to withstand the rigors of combat. They are ready to endure the toughest battles.

Ideal for Sporting Leagues: Recommended for sports-focused competitions that don’t have stringent authenticity requirements. These greaves provide top-tier protection without compromising on performance.

Choose the Four Segments Greaves for unmatched leg protection during your battles. Elevate your armor game and be ready for the challenges of the arena.

Please note, if you prefer a more authentic touch, our classic three-panel greaves are also available.

Prepare for combat with confidence – choose Four Segments Greaves.


Additional information

Weight 2.77 kg

L, Made-to-measure