Aventail with titanium plates for neck protection 3


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The set of overlapped titanium plates (could be attached to a padded neck collar).

Light and easy to stitch to your helmet.

Size of the plate: 10×9.5 cm.

Buhurt-related item – you can use it as additional protection for your neck and shoulders.

We developed this model to solve the problem of neck protection in medieval battles.

Usually, the neck is a vulnerable place, because there is no protection between the body armor and the helmet. To get hit there is dangerous and painful. Therefore, we offer you an option that will close your neck from blows.

Protection consists of a set of plates ( and a padded aventail). They are made of strong material – titanium, which is not inferior to steel in strength but makes armor lighter. Two side plates will cover you from side strikes, and the back plate will protect you from hits into the seventh vertebra. They are made solid-forged to better withstand the hits. Under the plates lies padded aventail. It is stuffed with batting and is perfect for softening the impact impulse.

The model is simple, but reliable and performs its function – protects you.

Order and be confident in your armor.

Neck Protection FAQ

Under armor padding FAQ

We understand the importance of a well-fitting padded set for both comfort and protection in buhurt. Here is the guide on how to take your measurements for your gambezone and padded chausses (or pants).

Here’s a guide for the measurements for the under-armor padded set:


  • B (Height): Stand tall and measure your height in centimeters (cm) without shoes.
  • F (Chest Circumference): Wrap the tape around your chest at its fullest point, keeping it parallel to the ground. Breathe normally, don’t inflate your chest!
  • G (Waist Circumference): Find your natural waist and measure its circumference. Avoid tightening excessively.
  • H (Hips Circumference): Measure around your hips at their widest point, level with your buttocks.
  • Weight: Weigh yourself in kilograms (kg) for accurate size charts.


  • S (Sleeve Length): With your arm relaxed, measure from your shoulder joint to your wrist bone, slightly bending your elbow.


  • Y (Leg Length): Stand straight and measure from your belt line down to the floor.
  • AB (Groin to Floor): For extra protection, measure from your groin area down to the floor while squatting slightly.
  • I (Thigh Circumference): Find the widest part of your thigh and measure its circumference.
  • J (Thigh Above Knee): Measure around your thigh just above the knee.
  • K (Calf Circumference): Wrap the tape around the widest part of your calf.
  • L (Ankle Circumference): Measure your ankle circumference, ensuring a snug but comfortable fit.

Preferred Length:

  • Gambezone Length: Decide your desired length and measure from the base of your neck down your front to that point.

Additional Tips:

  • If unsure about any measurement, err on the slightly bigger side for adjustments later.
  • Use a flexible measuring tape and stand on a level surface.
  • Double-check your measurements for accuracy.

Remember: Proper measurements for the under-armor padded set ensure a perfect fit, maximizing your comfort and protection in the heat of battle. Conquer the measuring tape and dominate the battlefield!

measurements for the under-armor padded set FAQ

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Set of plates, Set of plates + padding