Semi scabbard for spare falchion


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A semi scabbard for spare falchion that is well suited for tournaments in armor.

This is a good thing for a knight, and we made it practical for medieval combat. Its main goal is not to leave you unarmed in the most difficult moment. You can be a halberdier, or just a guy with a shield – in any case, the fallback weapon will not hurt you. According to the rules of almost any tournament, you will not be able to attack an opponent if you lose or break a weapon in fight. And if in such situation you don’t have a possibility to run to the base and take a spare weapon, the only thing left for you is silently endure while you are beaten. Do not let this happen.

The scabbard is simple, made of strong leather, with two straps for fixing, which you can adjust in height. It is attached to the leather belt, and it keeps your spare weapon (falchion, axe, mace). Especially convenient for halberdiers.

With such a thing you will not be unarmed. Just get a spare weapon, and continue the fight.

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