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We are introducing our latest addition to the MedievalExtreme armor collection – the titanium buckler! Made of buhurt-grade titanium, this buckler is designed to withstand the most brutal blows and protect you in any battle.

The buckler features a leather wrist strap for comfortable wrist fixation and a diameter of 30-45 cm (11.8-17.7 inches) making it the perfect size for any warrior. The buckler’s lightweight design of only 1670 g (3.7 lbs) allows for quick and easy movement, while still providing the ultimate protection. Get on this buckler and dominate in the arena like a true armored combat champion!


  • Hard grade titanium
  • Leather wrist for wrist fixation
  • Diameter 30-45 cm (11.8-17.7 inches)
  • Weight 1670 g / 3.7 lbs


  • Umbo and main surface VT1 1.5 mm thickness
  • Inner reinforcement OT4 1.5 mm
  • Handle OT4 1.8 mm

You can acquire the buckler in an array of sizes tailored to meet your specific buhurt requirements. Opt for a larger buckler if your primary concern is maximum protection, ensuring that your vital areas are shielded from incoming blows. This size offers an enhanced defensive barrier, giving you added confidence and security during intense combat.

titanium bucklers for armored combat on the flat surface

Alternatively, choose a smaller buckler if you prioritize agility, maneuverability, and the ability to swiftly strike back. The reduced size enables nimble movements, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the battlefield, swiftly parry incoming attacks, and launch counterstrikes with precision. In wrestling scenarios or when engaging in close-quarters combat, a smaller buckler can provide a distinct advantage, facilitating swift maneuvers and granting you greater control over the fight.

titanium bucklers for armored combat in hands

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