Wooden armor stand


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Introducing the ultimate wooden armor stand for buhurt fighters. This a heavy-duty and stable stand that lets you showcase your armor kit like never before!

With its regulable height of 160-185 cm (5 1/4 ft – 6 ft), this stand is perfect for displaying all types of armor, from the heaviest full plate to the most intricate chainmail.

Crafted from top-quality wood, this armor stand is incredibly strong and durable, able to withstand the hardest conditions. And with a weight of 11.5 kg (25 lbs), it’s heavy and stable enough to keep your armor secure and in place.


  • Height 160-185 cm (5 1/4 ft – 6 ft)
  • Weight 11.5 kg (25 lbs)

Assembly is quick and easy, with all the necessary screws and pins included. Once assembled, you’ll have a stunning display piece. It will impress your fellow buhurt fighters and anyone else who appreciates the beauty and craftsmanship of medieval armor.

And best of all, we offer free shipping worldwide. You can get your hands on this incredible armor stand no matter where you are in the world.

Don’t settle for a flimsy, unstable stand that can’t handle the weight of your armor – upgrade to the ultimate wooden armor stand today and show off your gear with pride!

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Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 35 × 25 cm