Fighting eastern boots for armored combat


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Introducing our Fighting Eastern Boots for armored combat, specially designed to complement your eastern buhurt armor kits. Crafted with precision and tailored to your measurements, these boots offer the perfect blend of functionality and style for armored combat.

A standout feature of these boots is the front lace, which allows for easy attachment of your sabatons. No more hassle during battle, as you can swiftly secure your foot armor and focus on dominating the fight.


  • Front lace to attach your sabatons
  • Extra thick and durable outsole
  • 2 layers of leather – durable outside and soft inside
  • Knee-height boots for an additional stylish look on the battlefield
  • Color on your choice

Durability is paramount in the heat of combat, and our Eastern Boots deliver. The extra-thick and rugged outsole ensures superior traction and resilience against the most challenging terrains. With two layers of high-quality leather, these boots offer both durability on the outside and a soft, comfortable interior for long-lasting wear.

Standing tall and knee-height, our boots not only provide excellent protection but also exude a distinctive and stylish look on the battlefield. Embrace the warrior within and make a bold statement with these exceptional boots.

Personalization is key, and you have the freedom to choose the color that best suits your taste and armor ensemble.

Weighing in at a mere 1260 g (2.77 lbs) per pair, our Fighting Eastern Boots perfectly balance lightweight agility and robust protection. Enjoy enhanced mobility without compromising on defense as you navigate the battlefield with ease.

The guide for the measurements

Prepare to conquer the arena with confidence and style. Equip yourself with our Fighting Eastern Boots for armored combat, engineered to meet the rigorous demands of buhurt fighters like you. Take the first step towards dominance on the battlefield and order your pair today.



You can get the boots in one of these colors:

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