Medium medieval folding chair


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Rule the Faire, Not the Dirt: Your Medieval Medium Folding Chair

Medieval Faires are epic, but your back hates the ground. Meet the Medium Medieval Folding Chair, your ticket to relaxation in style. This throne folds to a size-friendly size (40 x 10 x 84 cm) and weighs a mere 3.53 kg (7.8 lbs).

Unfold it in seconds and enjoy comfy seating with a weight capacity of up to 90 kg (200 lbs). Plus, the natural-colored wood adds a touch of authentic medieval flair.

Basically, this chair lets you relax like royalty without the bulky furniture hassle. Don’t be the guy sprawled on the dirt – be the one everyone wants to sit next to (and maybe borrow your chair).

Bonus: It comes in plain wood, so you can unleash your inner artist and customize it!

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Weight 3.53 kg