Basic gambezone for armored combat


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Introducing the Basic gambezone for armored combat, the essential under-armor padding designed to provide reliable protection for your body. We crafted it with love for buhurts and constructed this gambezone using high-density cotton fabric which features two layers of wool padding for enhanced shock absorption.


  • High-density cotton outside and inside
  • 2 layers of batting all around for optimal essential protection
  • Leather on the wrist for forearm armor fixation
  • 5 laces for the ability to remove it fast.
  • Laces on the forearms to regulate the gambezone fit

The front opening of the gambezone allows for easy wear and removal, securely fastened by five laces that ensure a snug fit tailored to your measurements. We added leather reinforcements to each wrist, keeping your forearm armor securely in place during intense battles.

The Basic Gambezone offers a perfect balance between comfort and protection. The outer layer of high-density cotton provides durability and flexibility, while the two layers of batting ensure optimal cushioning against heavy impacts. With its carefully designed construction, this gambezone is built to withstand the rigors of intense combat.

Weighing approximately 2240 grams in XL size (90-100 kg fighters), this gambezone is good and lightweight body protection. We make every Basic Gambezone according to the fighter measurements – to be sure it would serve a long time.

Equip yourself with the essential protection of the Basic Gambezone for armored combat and face your opponents with confidence. Order now and experience the superior comfort and functionality this under-armor padding brings to your battles.

Please attach the following measurements to your order (order comments during checkout):

measurements for under-armor padded set FAQ


Under armor padding FAQ

We understand the importance of a well-fitting padded set for both comfort and protection in buhurt. Here is the guide on how to take your measurements for your gambezone and padded chausses (or pants).

Here’s a guide for the measurements for the under-armor padded set:


  • B (Height): Stand tall and measure your height in centimeters (cm) without shoes.
  • F (Chest Circumference): Wrap the tape around your chest at its fullest point, keeping it parallel to the ground. Breathe normally, don’t inflate your chest!
  • G (Waist Circumference): Find your natural waist and measure its circumference. Avoid tightening excessively.
  • H (Hips Circumference): Measure around your hips at their widest point, level with your buttocks.
  • Weight: Weigh yourself in kilograms (kg) for accurate size charts.


  • S (Sleeve Length): With your arm relaxed, measure from your shoulder joint to your wrist bone, slightly bending your elbow.


  • Y (Leg Length): Stand straight and measure from your belt line down to the floor.
  • AB (Groin to Floor): For extra protection, measure from your groin area down to the floor while squatting slightly.
  • I (Thigh Circumference): Find the widest part of your thigh and measure its circumference.
  • J (Thigh Above Knee): Measure around your thigh just above the knee.
  • K (Calf Circumference): Wrap the tape around the widest part of your calf.
  • L (Ankle Circumference): Measure your ankle circumference, ensuring a snug but comfortable fit.

Preferred Length:

  • Gambezone Length: Decide your desired length and measure from the base of your neck down your front to that point.

Additional Tips:

  • If unsure about any measurement, err on the slightly bigger side for adjustments later.
  • Use a flexible measuring tape and stand on a level surface.
  • Double-check your measurements for accuracy.

Remember: Proper measurements for the under-armor padded set ensure a perfect fit, maximizing your comfort and protection in the heat of battle. Conquer the measuring tape and dominate the battlefield!

measurements for the under-armor padded set FAQ

Additional information

Weight 2.240 kg