Basic gambezone and padded pants bundle


Available as made-to-measure



Prepare yourself for the ultimate armor foundation with our “Basic Gambezone and Padded Pants Bundle” – designed to empower buhurt fighters and provide the utmost protection during intense battles.

The set includes:


  • High-density cotton outside and inside
  • 2 layers of batting all around for optimal essential protection
  • Leather on the wrist for forearm armor fixation
  • 5 laces for the ability to remove it fast.
  • Laces on the forearms and lower legs to regulate the gambezone and pants fit
  • Loops on the belt of the pants for additional body fixation
  • The weight of the set is 3570 g (7.9 lbs)

For starters seeking a reliable padding solution, this bundle is the answer to your prayers! The High-density cotton exterior and interior ensure exceptional comfort and support. With 2 layers of batting strategically placed all around, you can confidently absorb the impact of powerful strikes without hesitation.

No more worries about bulky forearms and lower legs! The laces on the forearms and lower legs can be adjusted to achieve a snug and secure fit, providing you the freedom to move and perform at your best.

Custom-made to your measurements, this bundle guarantees a perfect fit that enhances your combat experience. it’s a mass battle or 1 vs 1 duel, the “Basic Gambezone and Padded Pants Bundle” promises to be your loyal companion.

As a bonus, we offer free worldwide shipping, so you can focus on perfecting your skills while we take care of delivering this essential gear right to your doorstep. Prepare to conquer the arena with confidence and fortitude – get your basic gambezone and padded pants bundle today and embrace the path of the ultimate buhurt fighter!


Please attach the next measurements to your order(order comments during checkout):

  • B
  • F
  • G
  • H
  • S (sleeve length),
  • preferred length of the gambezone – measured from the base of your neck – measured in front,
  • your weight.
  •  Y (from H zone to the floor)
  • AB (groin zone to the floor)
  • (widest zone)
  • (knee)
  • K(widest zone)
  • L.

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Weight 3.57 kg